Woof woof Wednesday: meet Egan

Meet Egan, the fur baby of Pistol PR director Catherine Willhoit and her husband Kevin.

Cat and Kev adopted Egan from Waggytail Rescue, after a friend of theirs spotted him on Instagram. Egan had the most gorgeous little pink markings and a speckly nose that made Cat fall in love with him on the spot. He's a beagle/collie mix whose main life objectives are cuddling, spending time with humans, being outside, chasing squirrels, and eating. Because he's so food-motivated (like Cat), he was really easy to train and counts rolling over, high-fiving, begging, and staying as some of his strongest tricks. If you have bacon to share with him, he'll pull out all the stops to have some. Cat, on the other hand, will do the same for chocolate.

His brother, Easton, also lives in Hoboken and there's a sister pup somewhere in New York State. Egan and Easton met after they were both adopted and had a disagreement over a treat so they haven't gotten together again since, despite blood being so much thicker than water.

Egan also carries around a stuffed squirrel, which is so ironic, given that he's out for blood in wild ones.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Murray

Meet Murray, a furry little Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a lust for life. Murray's mom is Chrisanne Grise, Assistant Editor at Parents Magazine.

Born and raised in New York City, 2-year-old Murray was named after Hewitt from Flight of the Conchords. This sweet pup is super friendly and always wants to greet every single human and dog that walks by him on the street. He will play with any dog who's willing to wrestle, even if they're triple his height and weight.

Murray has a bit of a dark side. He enjoys destroying all of his toys (we mean ALL of them), as well as stealing discarded socks when nobody is looking. He has a refined taste in food that includes cardboard boxes, gross napkins off the street, and clumps of his own fur. He will literally eat anything if you let him. But for tasty treats, he's willing to roll over and shake your hand. Peanut butter is a big favorite.

Since Murray is a herding dog, he’ll chase you and nip at your ankles if you run away from him. He also becomes distressed when the human members of his pack are in separate rooms and he can’t keep an eye on all of them. He’s also obsessed with belly rubs and enjoys to lying on his back, waiting for someone to come rub him.

Murray loves to visit visit his "grandparents" at their homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Chrisanne jokingly refers to them as his country estates.

A seasoned model, Murray made his debut in the pages of Parents Magazine, and has since become a total diva. Excitingly, Murray will get the opportunity to strut his stuff as the ring bearer at his mom and dad's wedding next October.

Make sure to follow Murray on all of his adventures on Instagram at @furrymrmurray

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Maeby

Meet Maeby, an adorable little Cali girl who traded in her rough beginnings for a carefree life in the Big Apple. Maeby’s mom is Lourdes Uribe, Beauty Writer at Well Rounded NY.

An American Eskimo/Chihuahua mix, 8-year-old Maeby was adopted from a shelter in Los Angeles. Sadly, she suffered from horrible abuse and was left completely traumatized and scared when she came home with Lourdes. Thanks to the power of love, Maeby has made incredible progress over the years and Lourdes is lucky enough to call her a soulmate and best friend.

A true athlete, Maeby's number one favorite activity is chasing squirrels. She is obsessed with cheese and has adorable yawns. Maeby's not too shy to spread her love. The only trick Lourdes has ever been able to teach her is to attack-kiss people's faces. It's hilarious, mainly just to Lourdes.

Maeby is always up for a snowday. She loves jumping around in the snow in her orange rubber boots, which is a surprise seeing as she was a California dog for the majority of her life. Lourdes was worried she would hate the snow when they moved to NYC a couple years ago, but the eskimo half just kicked in! She hates wearing sweaters and coats though, and out of protest refuses to let Lourdes kiss her if she is wearing them. When the weather is nice and the sun in shinning, there is no quicker way to Maeby’s heart than a trip to Tompkins Square Park and a sweet ice cream treat.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Fergus and Gareth Dingwall

Meet Fergus and Gareth Dingwall, two Scottish Terriers living life to the fullest in Charleston, South Carolina. Their daddies are Cator Sparks, Editor in Chief at The Manual and Paul Saylors, a Gentleman Gardener.

Born in Pennsylvania, Fergus spent the first three years of his life in Harlem, NY. A jet setter from an early age, Fergus flew out to ranches in Texas and quiet escapes in Atlanta and Charleston. He even woke up early to watch the wedding of Prince William to Kate!

Charleston soon became home to Fergus when Cator bought relocated there in 2012. Fergus flew between Charleston and NYC for some time, but he now calls the Holy City his full-time home. Fergus is a nature lover at heart. While he misses the snow terribly, he loves to explore the huge countless dog parks and beaches that Charleston has to offer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a garden of his own!

The newest addition to the family, Gareth was adopted from the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast last August. He has been an amazing brother to Fergus and even taught Fergus how to howl. Two peas in a pod, Fergus and Gareth Dingwall enjoy sitting in the bay window together and waiting for a fire truck to wiz by so they can howl to their hearts content. The rest of their day is filled with long walks around old houses, morning beach runs and lots of tug of war with their Harry Barker toys.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Eloise

Meet Eloise, a pretty pug who knows her way around a lipstick wand. Eloise's mom is Leah Wyar, Executive Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan + Seventeen.

Eloise and Leah’s love story is that of a fairy tale. While strolling through a pet store, Leah spotted Eloise and knew she had to have her. Leah waited a month— just to make sure she was totally ready for a dog—and when she went back and Eloise was still there, she knew it was meant to be.

Give Eloise her daily walk and she will be content to curl up for a cuddle. This snuggle bunny’s favorite place to hang out is in bed. She is a textbook pug: l-a-z-y. Nothing cheers Eloise up lie quality time with her mom. Leah has a one-year-old son, so nighttimes are now designated one-on-one cuddle time for she and Eloise.

Eloise’s silly snaggletooth is one of her more unique traits. Sometimes her lip gets stuck on it and she looks like she's growling. But fear not! Eloise only likes to spread the love.

She is quite the green queen. Her favorite snack is broccoli. She seriously loves it so much. Eloise even goes so nuts when she hears the word that Leah and her husband now have to call it "B" as a code word.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Apollo

Meet Apollo, a lick-happy Harlequin Great Dane who has a penchant for curling up to a cozy snuggle and lounging around the house. Apollo’s mom is Heather Muir, Beauty Director at Real Simple Magazine.

Heather and her fiancé, Dave visited a breeder in Connecticut who had 15 Great Danes living in her house. At 8-months old, Apollo was one of the only older dogs that didn’t growl at Heather, so they decided he was the one.

Although Apollo is far from lap dog size, he loves to lounge on the grey Lovesac in Heather and Dave's living room for most of the day. He also lays on their white rug in front of the fireplace (where he chews his bones), sleeps in their bed (under the covers), and stands on the picnic table in their backyard to keep watch (ha!).

When Apollo gets excited to see Heather and Dave, his teeth make a chattering noise. Whenever Heather and Dave sit on their couch to watch TV, Apollo always lays across Heather's lap. Come bedtime, the leggy pooch never fails to find his way to the bed and nudges the sheets for Heather and Dave to lift them up so he can nestle to the bottom of the bed. He also does this nipping thing to Dave (only him). The nipping is called "de-fleaing"—something dogs to do other dogs in their pack to clean them!

Apollo is quite the foodie. He’s always up for a bite of Whole Foods natural peanut butter, sweet potatoes, and the occasional BBQ leftovers (mac 'n cheese and pulled pork). But he’s on a mostly raw chicken (it’s good for him!) diet.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Rocky

Meet Rocky, a cute and playful white powder puff of dog. Rocky is a Bichon Frise— an abnormally tall one at that! His mom is Lauren Balsamo, Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Lauren and Rocky met after one of her middle school soccer games at a breeder's farm in Jackson, NJ. Rocky was by far the largest and friendliest in the litter. As soon as Lauren picked him up, she told her parents she wasn't leaving without him. It was love at first sight.

Curious and peppy, 13-year-old Rocky is a young pup at heart. His favorite place to hang out is smushed in between the pillow on Lauren's bed so you can only see his eyes peeking out. A true lap dog at heart, Rocky is always up for a snuggle on someone’s lap. As soon as someone sits down, he’s plopped down on top of them within 10 seconds.

Rocky loves to be pet and groomed— he gets genuinely excited for bath time, lets Lauren brush his teeth, and even clean his ears. If she shows him a Q-tip or toothbrush, he starts to wag his tail! Oddly, Rocky's favorite toy, which is appropriately named baby, is a little white dog that looks just like him. Baby is probably as old as him…Lauren has had to sew baby's ears back on about three different times.

When it comes to food, Rocky is spoiled— he pretty much just eats people food. For breakfast, Rocky loves an egg white omelet, and his favorite snacks are celery and mozzarella cheese.


Woof woof Wednesday: meet Wallace

Meet Wallace, an easygoing all-American Foxhound who leads quite the active lifestyle. Wallace’s mom is Caitlin Heikkila, Social Media Editor at DuJour.

After spotting his floppy ears on PetFinder, Caitlin and her husband Paul adopted Wallace from a shelter called Cold Nose Warm Heart in New Jersey. He was part of a litter that came up from Virginia. They originally thought he was a hound mix, but after a dog DNA test (yes, those exist!) they discovered he’s 100% American Foxhound.

A great lover of the outdoors, Wallace is a very active pup. His dream would be an open field of puppies to play with— so he gets plenty of trips to the Dumbo dog parks to burn off the energy. He’s also a natural-born hiker and thrives in a rural environment. He likes to lead Caitlin and Paul through the trails of the Catskill mountains.

After a busy day of playing, running, or hiking, Wallace likes to lounge on his bed and nibble on a raw hide bone until it’s gone. He would much rather snuggle up on the bed, but he’s grown so much in the last few months that he can’t fit anymore!

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Lola

Meet Lola, a brown rescue mystery mutt with cute floppy ears and big white paws. Lola’s mom is Celia Ellenberg, Beauty Director at VOGUE.

Lola has mastered the art of aging gracefully. Everyone thinks she is a puppy, but she’s actually 10 years old— and just happens to look great for her age. Celia first met Lola when she fostered her for a weekend back in 2007 when she lived in a 6th floor walkup up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The rescue agency never picked Lola up on Monday. Or returned Celia's calls. Or ever showed up again. Celia decided to take Lola on a soul–searching drive across the country to live in a cabin in British Columbia together that Winter, and the two have been best friends ever since.

Lola's favorite places to hang out include Celia's couch in Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, and running around the lake on her property upstate in Roscoe, NY. She likes to chase the geese and is always on the lookout for deer and the occasional bear. Lola's also a total lover and actually spoons at night, which is painfully adorable.

Although most dogs will eat anything and everything without a moment’s hesitation, Lola is an extremely a picky eater and is not motivated by food. But she does have a sweet tooth and loves fruit! Mangoes, specifically, which Celia learned when Lola managed to take a whole one off her kitchen table. And eat the entire thing. In Celia's bed.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Chaco

Meet Chaco, the ultimate snuggle bunny, companion and best friend. Chaco’s mom is Danielle Guercio, writer for xoVain, Bustle and Elite Daily.

Chaco (aka Chocolate) met her forever mommy Danielle one summer day in Bayonne, NJ at C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue. Chox is a Boston Terrier/Beagle mix, often referred to as a Boggle or Boglen Terrier, was born in a puppy mill on March 26th 2006. She was purchased at a Pet Store and surrendered— before she was 6 months old— to the NJSPCA in Jersey City, NJ, where she was neglected and denied medical care. This facility was eventually closed by the state, and little did Chaco know that her mommy was there looking for a doggie more than once, and she stayed in the shelter for 8 more months, never crossing paths.

Eventually, CARE Rescue pulled Chaco out of this shelter, barely one year old and on the euthanasia list. They treated her for her unsightly eye condition, which was mostly cosmetic but stops many dogs from being adopted. A listing was put up to describe Chaco's jubilant personality and adorable appearance, exactly one half Beagle and one half Boston. Since she was healing from her surgeries, no photos were added to her listing. When Dani saw her description on page 10 of a Petfinder search in 2007, she could sense even without photos that Chaco may be the dog for her. Upon arrival to CARE's facility, Chaco ran over to Dani, even 10 years later they are inseparable.

Chaco has been friends with so many cats and dogs, but has recently welcomed a fellow rescue, Giovanni Di Pesce (FISH) the kitten, into her home. She loves snuggling with kitties and sharing lick baths, perhaps she is part cat! Nowadays Chaco is a chill Golden Girl, who prefers to lounge in the sunspot or head to the newsstand for a T-R-E-A-T than to hit the park. In the summers she spends time with her cousin Rocco the black lab, and they chase balls and rub in grass all the live long day.

Chaco wants you to know that her 10th birthday is in a few weeks, she has a registry at Russ & Daughters and Pet Central.


Woof woof Wednesday: meet Edie and Maud

Meet Edie and Maud, two purebred British Staffies who have a relationship that is sure to make you smile. Edie and Maud’s mom is Anne Slowey, Fashion News Director at ELLE Magazine.

Anne found these two gal pals at a Charlotte, NC breeder, TruStaff, via their cousin Tevez who now lives on 9th and Ave A.

Although they are great snugglers in bed with the kids each night, they tend to hang out at the gates to the playground in Tompkins Square Park when Anne takes her human children to play on weekends. But their favorite place to let loose is upstate at Lela Rose’s house in the Catskills. Anne has a place nearby, but there Edie and Maud tend to chill on the porch when they are not off chasing deer and bear in the woods.

Edie is a great hunter of the ever street-smart NYC squirrels. Although Anne constantly tells her “You’re never gonna get that squirrel” (and she wouldn’t let her), Anne does indulge her Sisyphean efforts at climbing trees to try to nab one. Upstate, however, Anne wouldn’t trust her with chickens for a second. When she’s feeling kooky, Edie likes to wriggle around on her back with her legs in the air, snorting and woofing at nothing in particular.

Maud is a great scavenger, and loves to get the party started. She tends to carry her bone outside, drop it by the elevator door, and then pick it up on her way back in to the apartment. Alas, this trait means she also has an eagle-eye for snagging pizza remains on Avenue A. The other day, Maud had an entire slice in her mouth before Anne could steer her away. She’s also a great sprinter and circuit-racer around the hydrangea bushes, and once Edie gives chase, Maud will always out-maneuver her with a fake out to the right, and then a run to the left from behind a tree.

When it comes to their favorite treat to snack on, Darwin’s Natural Jerky takes the cake. Neither Edie or Maud bark, but they are both great woofers. On occasion, they will howl when really riled up for a treat or a butt rub.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Lucy

Meet Lucy, a loyal, loving, and totally adorable Snowshoe Golden Retriever. Lucy’s mom is Maddie Aberman, Associate Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan.

After Maddie's first Golden, Rocky, passed away, she knew she needed to get another one because they have the best temperament and honestly, they’re the cutest dogs (there’s a reason every commercial featuring a puppy includes a Golden Retriever). Maddie went back to that same breeder in northern Minnesota and picked out Lucy. Funny enough, it turns out she’s Rocky’s great gran-niece! Although her full name is Lucille Gabrielle, she goes by Lucy. Gabrielle (Gabby) was the name her breeder gave her before Maddie adopted her, so she kept it as her middle name to pay homage.

One of her fave hang outs is the Lake Calhoun dog park in Minneapolis, although she tends to just hang with the people rather than the dogs. If she’s not at the park, you can also find her outside, sitting on the back steps of Maddie's parent’s house. It might look like she’s playing guard dog, but if anyone were to come up to the door, she’d just wag her tail and wait for a scratch.

This pretty pup has a few funny tricks up her sleeve. If you scratch Lucy's lower back, she does a little dance. She also lays down like a frog— back legs spread open. When it comes to sweet treats, Lucy lives for a peanut butter-filled bone, which she can work on for hours.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Benny

Meet Benny, a treat-loving curly canine with an abundance of tricks up his sleeve. Benny’s mom is Marissa DeSantis, ‎Freelance Beauty Editor at TeenVogue.com and HollywoodLife.com

A Golden Retriever and Poodle mix, Benny was spotted by Marissa’s sister on Pet Finder.

Benny loves to cuddle up on the couch or hang out in the backyard. He’s also quite the character. If you say "nice to meet you" and hold out your hand, Benny will give you his paw to shake. He’s also mastered the art of the high five.

His favorite snacks are his treats (which he eats way too many of!). On a hot summer day, ice cubes are the perfect treat to cool Benny down— but he will only eat them if someone sits with him.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Artemis

Meet Artemis, a sweet mixed breed pup that will melt your heart. Artemis’ mom is Noël Duan, ‎Freelance Beauty Writer.

Noel wasn't planning on adopting Artemis specifically, but she fell in love with her because she was the quietest dog at the adoption center. Originally from a high-kill shelter in Miami, Florida, Artemis began her life as a homeless stray puppy. When she and Noel first met, Artemis couldn't stop shaking because she was so scared. She couldn't even walk and it took her a few days to stop shaking! After finally finding her groove, Artemis acts like she owns the apartment. Noel even has to drag her away from jumping on strangers on the street!

At six months old, this Chihuahua, Terrier, German Shepherd, Dachshund mix is only 13 pounds and won't be getting much bigger. But Artemis is no lap dog! An athlete at heart, she takes after her mom with her love of running. She actually runs faster than Noel and can even run for up to an hour uphill nonstop— sometimes Noel can’t even keep up!

Artemis also likes to chase blueberries around the room. Once she feels like she's mastered the blueberry, she eats it. Artemis is also currently teething and enjoys noshing on a stuffed toy dog given to Noel by an ex-boyfriend.

Other than blueberries, Artemis loves eating sardines and chewing on cherry blossoms at Central Park. A true New Yorker at heart, nothing makes Artemis happier than a trip to Central Park. She’s a big fan of the dog run by Gracie Mansion, where she's made a lot of friends.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Isabelle

Meet Isabelle (aka "Izzie”), a charming Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy Poodle mix) who fancies herself as quite the jet-setter. Isabelle’s mom is Maggie Winterfeldt, ‎Editor at POPSUGAR Home.

Maggie met Isabelle when she was finishing up her senior year at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. She had been in touch with a Cavapoo breeder located a couple hours outside Nashville, deep in the Tennessee countryside. While Isabelle wouldn't be old enough to come home with Maggie until right after graduation, she was able to meet her for the first time when she was only two weeks old. When Maggie got to the breeder, there were three puppies in the litter, and she had the first pick; one was tiny and black, one was big and brown, and Isabelle was right in the middle; with light coloring and a size between that of her two siblings. Maggie was like goldilocks— Isabelle was just right and it was love at first sight. The breeder then sent Maggie a picture of Isabelle every week until she was big enough to come home with her. It's been eight years since then!

When it comes to work, Isabelle is a lucky lady. Maggie’s husband is a co-founder of the San Francisco-based start up Grove Collaborative, so Isabelle gets to go to work with her dad every day. She takes her job as office pup very seriously! Half the time she rides over the hills of Pacific Heights in a basket on her dad's bicycle (which is hilarious to see), but the other half of the time they take a Lyft to work. Isabelle now knows the chime sound Lyft makes when it matches you with a car, and as soon as she hears it she jumps up and runs to the front door, ready to go.

Although she was born in Tennessee, Isabelle has lived in Charleston, SC, Manhattan, and San Francisco. She wasn't a fan of NYC (the cold slush and salt on the sidewalks during winter wreaked havoc on her paws). A pro air traveler, Isabelle has been flying with Maggie since she was very young. Isabelle has dipped her paws in the Atlantic, Pacific and even traveled abroad. She has more frequent flyer miles than most people! She's so well behaved on planes that often the person sitting next to Maggie won't even realize she's been there until they land.

Isabelle loves going to the park and tennis balls are her weakness. She goes from a refined, sweet lady into a barking, panting maniac when tennis balls are around. Isabelle is very charming! She has never met a stranger. Everyone is just a friend she hasn't been acquainted with yet, and she has the ability to make whomever she's with feel like the most special person in the room. She also never forgets a store where there are treats or friendly people, and she'll drag you in every time you pass. Jonathan Adler on Fillmore Street in San Francisco is her current favorite. Isabelle now has a baby human brother, but she's still Maggie's princess.


Woof woof Wednesday: meet Tuffy

Meet Tuffy, a clever and lively Miniature Poodle of the sweetest apricot shade. Tuffy's mom is Alyssa Clough, ‎Assistant Digital & Social Editor at Domino.

Tuffy (AKA Tuffy Cloughy) met Alyssa while she was playing in her backyard when he was just a tiny pup. Tuffy was her neighbor's grandparents' dog, and once they got too old to take care of him, Alyssa "inherited” him. But Tuffy and Alyssa had already been hanging out for a few years before he joined her family!

When he’s not busy clowning around, Tuffy is always up for a good cuddle on the couch. Although he’s technically not allowed on the couch, Tuffy is a rule breaker— just like his mom.

He also lives for the #fitfam lifestyle. Despite being a tiny thing, Tuffy is both rugged and athletic, and loves taking long walks.

When it comes to treats, Tuffy has an uncomplicated palate. He’s always up to chow down some peanut butter and plain Cheerios.

At 14-years-old, Tuffy might be an old pup, but he's still young at heart and pretends he's a puppy. With his 15th birthday coming up this May 7th, Tuffy’s looking forward to tasty treats, tail wagging, and puppy love galore.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Eduardo

Meet Eduardo, a sweet brindle-colored beauty. Eduardo's mom is Emily Dougherty, Beauty & Fitness Director at ELLE Magazine.

Emily found Eduardo, AKA “Ed”, at the house of a nice, eccentric lady on the Jersey shore who simply had way, way too many dogs— literally baskets and baskets full of puppies, overflowing with puppies, puppies tumbling out everywhere! Even as a baby, Ed was always breaking out of all this lady's enclosures— she called him Houdini. At this point, he was the size of a burly mouse— a literal and figurative handful. Emily liked him because he was always doing his own thing, and she was lucky she got to bring him home: the lady called her the next day to see if she'd trade him back for two or even three of her remaining puppies, because she missed his little head and the cowlick on his face that looks like a flame. But Emily was never giving him back.

A Miniature Pinscher, Ed has an unusual color and pattern for his breed. Most min-pins look like tiny Dobermans, but Ed looks more like a tiny tiger-striped deer. He has long, dainty legs and a floppy ears that Emily could never bring herself to crop. And he prances like a show pony— or like the world's smallest reindeer.

Now, at home during the day, Ed follows the sun as it moves across the floor. Emily calls him "Sun Dog." He's like a canine sun dial! Most of the time, it just means Ed being sprawled in the center of the living room, but other times she'll find him perched on a windowsill among the cacti— Emily with absolutely no idea how he got up there, and Ed with no idea how he'll get down. Often at the end of the day he's determinedly squeezed into the deepest corner of the sofa catching the very last triangle of afternoon light.

Otherwise, Min-Pins are notorious burrowers— it's what they were bred to do— and Ed loves to burrow deep into blankets— and cuddle! He takes his job as Chief Cuddler very, very seriously— whenever Emily has houseguests, he makes sure to burrow in and cuddle up with each person in the house every night. During the holidays, when family descends, this can mean four of five stations per night! But he always visits everyone.

Since Emily's son Magnus came home nine months ago, a lot of things have changed in Eduardo's life. He now has to share the floorspace with someone roughly his own size, and he has someone helpless to protect—another job he takes very seriously. But perhaps the biggest change is that his favorite "snack" quickly became pacifiers— he'll go to great lengths to get one, both because he knows how fun they are to chew on and he knows for sure that he will absolutely be the center of attention as we chase him down to try to get it back.

Woof woof Wednesday: meet Owen

Meet Owen, a super chill Chihuahua who is unapologetic about his cuddling ways. Owen's mom is Sue Williamson, ‎Beauty + Style Writer at Teen Vogue.

Sue adopted Owen in Tennessee— where they are both from— when he was a little over a year old. She found out they had the same birthday, so knew she and Owen were right for each other. Six years later and here they are.

Owen and Sue live in Clinton Hill, so they love taking long walks around Brooklyn. Some of their favorite places to hang out at are neighborhood spots like Fort Grace for a coffee, and Sincerely, Tommy to shop. Owen also loves going to Brooklyn Bridge Park and walking along the water on the weekends, but he usually makes Sue carry him part of the way back.

Although she may sound like such a crazy dog mom, but Sue finds everything Owen does to be really funny. She recently bought him a dogbed that looks like a Mercedes convertible, so that’s pretty funny to look at.

When it comes to his sweet treat of choice, Honeycrisp Apples takes the cake. Whenever he hears Sue cutting them, he runs into the kitchen to beg for a slice.