Woof woof Wednesday: meet Egan

Meet Egan, the fur baby of Pistol PR director Catherine Willhoit and her husband Kevin.

Cat and Kev adopted Egan from Waggytail Rescue, after a friend of theirs spotted him on Instagram. Egan had the most gorgeous little pink markings and a speckly nose that made Cat fall in love with him on the spot. He's a beagle/collie mix whose main life objectives are cuddling, spending time with humans, being outside, chasing squirrels, and eating. Because he's so food-motivated (like Cat), he was really easy to train and counts rolling over, high-fiving, begging, and staying as some of his strongest tricks. If you have bacon to share with him, he'll pull out all the stops to have some. Cat, on the other hand, will do the same for chocolate.

His brother, Easton, also lives in Hoboken and there's a sister pup somewhere in New York State. Egan and Easton met after they were both adopted and had a disagreement over a treat so they haven't gotten together again since, despite blood being so much thicker than water.

Egan also carries around a stuffed squirrel, which is so ironic, given that he's out for blood in wild ones.