Woof woof Wednesday: meet Owen

Meet Owen, a super chill Chihuahua who is unapologetic about his cuddling ways. Owen's mom is Sue Williamson, ‎Beauty + Style Writer at Teen Vogue.

Sue adopted Owen in Tennessee— where they are both from— when he was a little over a year old. She found out they had the same birthday, so knew she and Owen were right for each other. Six years later and here they are.

Owen and Sue live in Clinton Hill, so they love taking long walks around Brooklyn. Some of their favorite places to hang out at are neighborhood spots like Fort Grace for a coffee, and Sincerely, Tommy to shop. Owen also loves going to Brooklyn Bridge Park and walking along the water on the weekends, but he usually makes Sue carry him part of the way back.

Although she may sound like such a crazy dog mom, but Sue finds everything Owen does to be really funny. She recently bought him a dogbed that looks like a Mercedes convertible, so that’s pretty funny to look at.

When it comes to his sweet treat of choice, Honeycrisp Apples takes the cake. Whenever he hears Sue cutting them, he runs into the kitchen to beg for a slice.