Woof woof Wednesday: meet Eloise

Meet Eloise, a pretty pug who knows her way around a lipstick wand. Eloise's mom is Leah Wyar, Executive Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan + Seventeen.

Eloise and Leah’s love story is that of a fairy tale. While strolling through a pet store, Leah spotted Eloise and knew she had to have her. Leah waited a month— just to make sure she was totally ready for a dog—and when she went back and Eloise was still there, she knew it was meant to be.

Give Eloise her daily walk and she will be content to curl up for a cuddle. This snuggle bunny’s favorite place to hang out is in bed. She is a textbook pug: l-a-z-y. Nothing cheers Eloise up lie quality time with her mom. Leah has a one-year-old son, so nighttimes are now designated one-on-one cuddle time for she and Eloise.

Eloise’s silly snaggletooth is one of her more unique traits. Sometimes her lip gets stuck on it and she looks like she's growling. But fear not! Eloise only likes to spread the love.

She is quite the green queen. Her favorite snack is broccoli. She seriously loves it so much. Eloise even goes so nuts when she hears the word that Leah and her husband now have to call it "B" as a code word.