Woof woof Wednesday: meet Artemis

Meet Artemis, a sweet mixed breed pup that will melt your heart. Artemis’ mom is Noël Duan, ‎Freelance Beauty Writer.

Noel wasn't planning on adopting Artemis specifically, but she fell in love with her because she was the quietest dog at the adoption center. Originally from a high-kill shelter in Miami, Florida, Artemis began her life as a homeless stray puppy. When she and Noel first met, Artemis couldn't stop shaking because she was so scared. She couldn't even walk and it took her a few days to stop shaking! After finally finding her groove, Artemis acts like she owns the apartment. Noel even has to drag her away from jumping on strangers on the street!

At six months old, this Chihuahua, Terrier, German Shepherd, Dachshund mix is only 13 pounds and won't be getting much bigger. But Artemis is no lap dog! An athlete at heart, she takes after her mom with her love of running. She actually runs faster than Noel and can even run for up to an hour uphill nonstop— sometimes Noel can’t even keep up!

Artemis also likes to chase blueberries around the room. Once she feels like she's mastered the blueberry, she eats it. Artemis is also currently teething and enjoys noshing on a stuffed toy dog given to Noel by an ex-boyfriend.

Other than blueberries, Artemis loves eating sardines and chewing on cherry blossoms at Central Park. A true New Yorker at heart, nothing makes Artemis happier than a trip to Central Park. She’s a big fan of the dog run by Gracie Mansion, where she's made a lot of friends.