Woof woof Wednesday: meet Isabelle

Meet Isabelle (aka "Izzie”), a charming Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Toy Poodle mix) who fancies herself as quite the jet-setter. Isabelle’s mom is Maggie Winterfeldt, ‎Editor at POPSUGAR Home.

Maggie met Isabelle when she was finishing up her senior year at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. She had been in touch with a Cavapoo breeder located a couple hours outside Nashville, deep in the Tennessee countryside. While Isabelle wouldn't be old enough to come home with Maggie until right after graduation, she was able to meet her for the first time when she was only two weeks old. When Maggie got to the breeder, there were three puppies in the litter, and she had the first pick; one was tiny and black, one was big and brown, and Isabelle was right in the middle; with light coloring and a size between that of her two siblings. Maggie was like goldilocks— Isabelle was just right and it was love at first sight. The breeder then sent Maggie a picture of Isabelle every week until she was big enough to come home with her. It's been eight years since then!

When it comes to work, Isabelle is a lucky lady. Maggie’s husband is a co-founder of the San Francisco-based start up Grove Collaborative, so Isabelle gets to go to work with her dad every day. She takes her job as office pup very seriously! Half the time she rides over the hills of Pacific Heights in a basket on her dad's bicycle (which is hilarious to see), but the other half of the time they take a Lyft to work. Isabelle now knows the chime sound Lyft makes when it matches you with a car, and as soon as she hears it she jumps up and runs to the front door, ready to go.

Although she was born in Tennessee, Isabelle has lived in Charleston, SC, Manhattan, and San Francisco. She wasn't a fan of NYC (the cold slush and salt on the sidewalks during winter wreaked havoc on her paws). A pro air traveler, Isabelle has been flying with Maggie since she was very young. Isabelle has dipped her paws in the Atlantic, Pacific and even traveled abroad. She has more frequent flyer miles than most people! She's so well behaved on planes that often the person sitting next to Maggie won't even realize she's been there until they land.

Isabelle loves going to the park and tennis balls are her weakness. She goes from a refined, sweet lady into a barking, panting maniac when tennis balls are around. Isabelle is very charming! She has never met a stranger. Everyone is just a friend she hasn't been acquainted with yet, and she has the ability to make whomever she's with feel like the most special person in the room. She also never forgets a store where there are treats or friendly people, and she'll drag you in every time you pass. Jonathan Adler on Fillmore Street in San Francisco is her current favorite. Isabelle now has a baby human brother, but she's still Maggie's princess.