Woof woof Wednesday: meet Lucy

Meet Lucy, a loyal, loving, and totally adorable Snowshoe Golden Retriever. Lucy’s mom is Maddie Aberman, Associate Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan.

After Maddie's first Golden, Rocky, passed away, she knew she needed to get another one because they have the best temperament and honestly, they’re the cutest dogs (there’s a reason every commercial featuring a puppy includes a Golden Retriever). Maddie went back to that same breeder in northern Minnesota and picked out Lucy. Funny enough, it turns out she’s Rocky’s great gran-niece! Although her full name is Lucille Gabrielle, she goes by Lucy. Gabrielle (Gabby) was the name her breeder gave her before Maddie adopted her, so she kept it as her middle name to pay homage.

One of her fave hang outs is the Lake Calhoun dog park in Minneapolis, although she tends to just hang with the people rather than the dogs. If she’s not at the park, you can also find her outside, sitting on the back steps of Maddie's parent’s house. It might look like she’s playing guard dog, but if anyone were to come up to the door, she’d just wag her tail and wait for a scratch.

This pretty pup has a few funny tricks up her sleeve. If you scratch Lucy's lower back, she does a little dance. She also lays down like a frog— back legs spread open. When it comes to sweet treats, Lucy lives for a peanut butter-filled bone, which she can work on for hours.