Woof woof Wednesday: meet Edie and Maud

Meet Edie and Maud, two purebred British Staffies who have a relationship that is sure to make you smile. Edie and Maud’s mom is Anne Slowey, Fashion News Director at ELLE Magazine.

Anne found these two gal pals at a Charlotte, NC breeder, TruStaff, via their cousin Tevez who now lives on 9th and Ave A.

Although they are great snugglers in bed with the kids each night, they tend to hang out at the gates to the playground in Tompkins Square Park when Anne takes her human children to play on weekends. But their favorite place to let loose is upstate at Lela Rose’s house in the Catskills. Anne has a place nearby, but there Edie and Maud tend to chill on the porch when they are not off chasing deer and bear in the woods.

Edie is a great hunter of the ever street-smart NYC squirrels. Although Anne constantly tells her “You’re never gonna get that squirrel” (and she wouldn’t let her), Anne does indulge her Sisyphean efforts at climbing trees to try to nab one. Upstate, however, Anne wouldn’t trust her with chickens for a second. When she’s feeling kooky, Edie likes to wriggle around on her back with her legs in the air, snorting and woofing at nothing in particular.

Maud is a great scavenger, and loves to get the party started. She tends to carry her bone outside, drop it by the elevator door, and then pick it up on her way back in to the apartment. Alas, this trait means she also has an eagle-eye for snagging pizza remains on Avenue A. The other day, Maud had an entire slice in her mouth before Anne could steer her away. She’s also a great sprinter and circuit-racer around the hydrangea bushes, and once Edie gives chase, Maud will always out-maneuver her with a fake out to the right, and then a run to the left from behind a tree.

When it comes to their favorite treat to snack on, Darwin’s Natural Jerky takes the cake. Neither Edie or Maud bark, but they are both great woofers. On occasion, they will howl when really riled up for a treat or a butt rub.