Woof woof Wednesday: meet Tuffy

Meet Tuffy, a clever and lively Miniature Poodle of the sweetest apricot shade. Tuffy's mom is Alyssa Clough, ‎Assistant Digital & Social Editor at Domino.

Tuffy (AKA Tuffy Cloughy) met Alyssa while she was playing in her backyard when he was just a tiny pup. Tuffy was her neighbor's grandparents' dog, and once they got too old to take care of him, Alyssa "inherited” him. But Tuffy and Alyssa had already been hanging out for a few years before he joined her family!

When he’s not busy clowning around, Tuffy is always up for a good cuddle on the couch. Although he’s technically not allowed on the couch, Tuffy is a rule breaker— just like his mom.

He also lives for the #fitfam lifestyle. Despite being a tiny thing, Tuffy is both rugged and athletic, and loves taking long walks.

When it comes to treats, Tuffy has an uncomplicated palate. He’s always up to chow down some peanut butter and plain Cheerios.

At 14-years-old, Tuffy might be an old pup, but he's still young at heart and pretends he's a puppy. With his 15th birthday coming up this May 7th, Tuffy’s looking forward to tasty treats, tail wagging, and puppy love galore.