Woof woof Wednesday: meet Chaco

Meet Chaco, the ultimate snuggle bunny, companion and best friend. Chaco’s mom is Danielle Guercio, writer for xoVain, Bustle and Elite Daily.

Chaco (aka Chocolate) met her forever mommy Danielle one summer day in Bayonne, NJ at C.A.R.E. Animal Rescue. Chox is a Boston Terrier/Beagle mix, often referred to as a Boggle or Boglen Terrier, was born in a puppy mill on March 26th 2006. She was purchased at a Pet Store and surrendered— before she was 6 months old— to the NJSPCA in Jersey City, NJ, where she was neglected and denied medical care. This facility was eventually closed by the state, and little did Chaco know that her mommy was there looking for a doggie more than once, and she stayed in the shelter for 8 more months, never crossing paths.

Eventually, CARE Rescue pulled Chaco out of this shelter, barely one year old and on the euthanasia list. They treated her for her unsightly eye condition, which was mostly cosmetic but stops many dogs from being adopted. A listing was put up to describe Chaco's jubilant personality and adorable appearance, exactly one half Beagle and one half Boston. Since she was healing from her surgeries, no photos were added to her listing. When Dani saw her description on page 10 of a Petfinder search in 2007, she could sense even without photos that Chaco may be the dog for her. Upon arrival to CARE's facility, Chaco ran over to Dani, even 10 years later they are inseparable.

Chaco has been friends with so many cats and dogs, but has recently welcomed a fellow rescue, Giovanni Di Pesce (FISH) the kitten, into her home. She loves snuggling with kitties and sharing lick baths, perhaps she is part cat! Nowadays Chaco is a chill Golden Girl, who prefers to lounge in the sunspot or head to the newsstand for a T-R-E-A-T than to hit the park. In the summers she spends time with her cousin Rocco the black lab, and they chase balls and rub in grass all the live long day.

Chaco wants you to know that her 10th birthday is in a few weeks, she has a registry at Russ & Daughters and Pet Central.