Woof woof Wednesday: meet Maeby

Meet Maeby, an adorable little Cali girl who traded in her rough beginnings for a carefree life in the Big Apple. Maeby’s mom is Lourdes Uribe, Beauty Writer at Well Rounded NY.

An American Eskimo/Chihuahua mix, 8-year-old Maeby was adopted from a shelter in Los Angeles. Sadly, she suffered from horrible abuse and was left completely traumatized and scared when she came home with Lourdes. Thanks to the power of love, Maeby has made incredible progress over the years and Lourdes is lucky enough to call her a soulmate and best friend.

A true athlete, Maeby's number one favorite activity is chasing squirrels. She is obsessed with cheese and has adorable yawns. Maeby's not too shy to spread her love. The only trick Lourdes has ever been able to teach her is to attack-kiss people's faces. It's hilarious, mainly just to Lourdes.

Maeby is always up for a snowday. She loves jumping around in the snow in her orange rubber boots, which is a surprise seeing as she was a California dog for the majority of her life. Lourdes was worried she would hate the snow when they moved to NYC a couple years ago, but the eskimo half just kicked in! She hates wearing sweaters and coats though, and out of protest refuses to let Lourdes kiss her if she is wearing them. When the weather is nice and the sun in shinning, there is no quicker way to Maeby’s heart than a trip to Tompkins Square Park and a sweet ice cream treat.