Woof Woof Wednesday: meet Mina

Call it love at first sight or simply good old destiny, but when Miki Hayes, beauty writer at Bustle, first stepped foot into a local animal shelter, she was lucky enough to be a sweet dog's very first choice.

Mina, a four year old Golden Retriever, shed all her shyness as she climbed on Miki's lap three years ago, forever solidifying their soulmate status.  While this doggie saw something special in Miki on that destined day, Mina is not short of any amazing traits herself. 

Coined the absolute doggie connoisseur of tricks, Mina can happily fetch fresh socks for her mommy, not only because she gets awarded a walk, but because she is obviously concerned with her comfort. Exercise comes naturally to Mina, as she has perfected "the squat", effortlessly going from standing position to begging position, in a snap.

On most days, you can find her simply relaxed while perched on window sills, gazing outside and pondering the meaning of life (as most of us do, right?), if not enjoying her luxurious walks with her true love, Miki. Though not much of a foodie, but more of a toy lover, there is one thing that can get Mina running with unstoppable excitement. Just crack open a peanut butter jar lid ... and the rest is history.