Woof woof Wednesday: meet Rocky

Meet Rocky, a cute and playful white powder puff of dog. Rocky is a Bichon Frise— an abnormally tall one at that! His mom is Lauren Balsamo, Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Lauren and Rocky met after one of her middle school soccer games at a breeder's farm in Jackson, NJ. Rocky was by far the largest and friendliest in the litter. As soon as Lauren picked him up, she told her parents she wasn't leaving without him. It was love at first sight.

Curious and peppy, 13-year-old Rocky is a young pup at heart. His favorite place to hang out is smushed in between the pillow on Lauren's bed so you can only see his eyes peeking out. A true lap dog at heart, Rocky is always up for a snuggle on someone’s lap. As soon as someone sits down, he’s plopped down on top of them within 10 seconds.

Rocky loves to be pet and groomed— he gets genuinely excited for bath time, lets Lauren brush his teeth, and even clean his ears. If she shows him a Q-tip or toothbrush, he starts to wag his tail! Oddly, Rocky's favorite toy, which is appropriately named baby, is a little white dog that looks just like him. Baby is probably as old as him…Lauren has had to sew baby's ears back on about three different times.

When it comes to food, Rocky is spoiled— he pretty much just eats people food. For breakfast, Rocky loves an egg white omelet, and his favorite snacks are celery and mozzarella cheese.