Woof woof Wednesday: meet Wallace

Meet Wallace, an easygoing all-American Foxhound who leads quite the active lifestyle. Wallace’s mom is Caitlin Heikkila, Social Media Editor at DuJour.

After spotting his floppy ears on PetFinder, Caitlin and her husband Paul adopted Wallace from a shelter called Cold Nose Warm Heart in New Jersey. He was part of a litter that came up from Virginia. They originally thought he was a hound mix, but after a dog DNA test (yes, those exist!) they discovered he’s 100% American Foxhound.

A great lover of the outdoors, Wallace is a very active pup. His dream would be an open field of puppies to play with— so he gets plenty of trips to the Dumbo dog parks to burn off the energy. He’s also a natural-born hiker and thrives in a rural environment. He likes to lead Caitlin and Paul through the trails of the Catskill mountains.

After a busy day of playing, running, or hiking, Wallace likes to lounge on his bed and nibble on a raw hide bone until it’s gone. He would much rather snuggle up on the bed, but he’s grown so much in the last few months that he can’t fit anymore!