Woof Woof Wednesday: meet George

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.41.48 PM.png

George is a 6-month old rescue that Melanie Rud Chadwick, a writer, editor & beauty expert, adopted from Chicago Canine Rescue in mid-January. They think he's a lab/shepard mix, but who knows! Melanie thinks a doggie DNA test is in order.

Melanie and her husband had been seriously looking for a dog to adopt for several weeks before they found him--they had initially thought they wanted an older, female dog and actually went to Chicago Canine Rescue to look at a few other dogs Melanie had seen on the site, George not included. As they walked through the shelter, George was sitting in his cage, wagging his tail and looking at up at them with the sweetest look on his face. Despite the fact that he was a male puppy (NOT what they thought they wanted) they had an instant connection with him. After playing with him for a few minutes, they knew he was the pup for them.

In just a few weeks in his new home, he's doing amazingly well! He's already housebroken, a rockstar in his crate, and is in dog training classes once a week working on all his basic manners and commands. 

Likes: ALL people and other dogs, any kind of treat, ripping apart stuffed squeaky toys, and eating snow.

Dislikes: Not many, though mops and shovels freak him out a bit. 

Funniest quirks: So many, but one of their favorites is how he sleeps. When he's fully konked out, he lays on his back, back paws splayed open spread eagle style, front paws curled up. This is preferably when he's snuggled up to his stuffed moose, the one toy he won't destroy. He also gets puppy zoomies and will run incessantly back and forth across their yard for no apparent reason, and loves wiggling his way under their coffee table where his basket of toys is to pull out one of his favorites.