Woof Woof Wednesday: meet Bacon


Bacon the Boston Terrier met his mom Taryn Williford, lifestyle editor of Apartment Therapy, in 2010 from a litter of seven. While Bacon was tiny, he had already learned one trick: when he heard "kiss" he'd crane his neck out and lick your face. Taryn and her boyfriend (now-husband) were instantly in love. 

Bacon has been a part of Taryn's family for eight years now and has learned many more tricks (Taryn's favorite is when he "dances" by spinning on his hind legs) while picking up a whole alphabet of nicknames including Bacon Bit, Guillermo Baconi, Señor Cuddles, and Stinky Pete. Bacon spends most of his time sleeping — he loves to burrow under blankets — moving throughout his daily routine between the "big dog bed" (Taryn's bed), the "medium dog bed" (Taryn's sofa) and the "small dog bed" (Bacon's actual dog bed). Bacon is not very outdoorsy — he hates rain and snow and gets tired on walks well before Taryn does.

When Bacon is awake, he's full of energy. Bacon loves to play tug, and can tear the squeaker out of any toy in minutes flat. In fact, that's how Bacon usually greets Taryn when she gets home ... he'll run to the door wagging his tail, then run to his toy bin and bring back a toy to play with. It's hard to say no to that face.