Woof Woof Wednesday: meet Sara

Meet Sara, fur baby of The New Potato editor Catherine Collentine. Sara and Catherine met at Eleventh Hour Rescue, in Rockaway, NJ. Sara came from Georgia a very new mother; she had puppies within one week of her coming up here but, sadly, they never were able to recover them. Catherine affectionately calls Sara her little garbage dog, because Sara was on the streets for a while (and still has a tendency to wander toward outdoor garbage cans!). 

When Sara came to NJ in February of 2017, she had a malady of problems including: heartworm, hookworm, whipworm, and Kennel Cough, in addition to being a new mom. Sara was between one and two years old, and while she had plenty of puppy energy, she had to stay on bedrest during her heartworm treatment. That made Sara completely unfit for kennel life, so Catherine's stepsister first took Sara home as a foster. Catherine was at their home the night Sara came over, and Sara curled up right on Catherine's chest. Suffice to say, it was love at first snuggle. 

Catherine brought Sara to her home, and after fostering for a month and a half, realized that she could never give Sara up. Now, Sara loves to snuggle every night and go hiking at the local reservation. Rarely barking and loving attention more than anything, Sara nudges your hand the second you stop petting her. Sara is pretty goofy; she treats blueberries like toys and can't quite figure out elevators. 

Sara is gluten-free, and loves carrots with peanut butter as her favorite treat. She also loves to wear bandanas, and go for long car rides. Her favorite toys are her plush Starbucks cup, stuffed fish from The Dapper Dog Box, and stuffed edamame beans from BarkBox. Sara can't wait for her big move to NYC; she's most excited about coming to work with Catherine every day,